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Cha:Lab Pore Clear Mask

Posted on Apr 24th 2017

If you are looking for a mask which helps remove impurities and tighten your pores, Cha:Lab's Pore Clear Mask is the perfect mask to do just that. It's a clarifying mask which contains Jeju lavendar, green tea extract, protein content, and witch hazel amongst other ingredients which help remove dead skin cells, absorbs excess oils, moisturizes, and tightens skin. 

The sheet mask is made of bio cellulose which is a natural fiber which can retain 100 times its dry weight in fluid and adheres to every curve and contour of your face allowing for maximum penetration of ingredients into skin.  

Peel off the outer layers when applying to skin. 

As you can see, the mask fits like a glove. You can literally jump up and down and the mask will stay in place. 

I exfoliate often and alternate between gentle scrubbing, Easydew peel (my fave!), AHA's and BHA's, and pore clearing masks like this and the other ones from kblush.com. My skin always looks clean and renewed, and my pores were definitely smaller. It's a great pick me up for tired skin and it's great that it doesn't dry out my skin. 

This picture was from a couple days after I used the mask and my skin stayed smooth, glowing, and hydrated!

Easydew 2-Step Vita Toning Mask

Easydew is a medical cosmetics brand which focuses on using EGF (epidermal growth factor) in their products to promote healthy cell activity by accelerating cellular proliferation which in turn promotes skin healing, skin renewal, and slows down skin thinning. Easydew's 2-Step Vita Toning Mask helps brighten and tone sagging skin by using a brightening vita duo [...]

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Rabbit Ear Headband Tutorial

Here is a quick clip on how to put on our rabbit ear headbands! The trick is to tie it tight at the top and then you can straighten out the rest! 

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Jayjun Baby Pure Shining Mask Review

First of all, I wanted to say that I absolutely love the Jayjun masks! My skin always glows after using them and stays hydrated for days! Jayjun Cosmetics was founded by a group of plastic surgeons, dermatologists, and professional cosmetic researchers in 2014. Their mission is to use innovative quality ingredients to help people achieve [...]

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Sheet Mask Beauty Hack

When you are at the end of your sheet masking sesh, try flipping the mask to the other side and applying it to your neck. I find this really helps soften the lines on my neck. Not only is it important to care for your face but also your neck and décolleté. The skin in [...]

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Easydew's 2-Step Derma Peel Mask is a Game Changer

"Our goal now isn't so much to cause visible peeling as it is to infuse the skin with ingredients that diminish lines, build collagen, and improve tone," says Jennifer Linder assistant clinical professor at University of California, San Francisco. As I read Allure magazine's article, "Here's Why Chemical Peels Are the Secret to Perfect Skin" published [...]

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Steam and Ice Can Provide Added Benefits to Sheet Masking

Try using a sheet mask at the end of a steamy shower as it will soften skin and loosen up pores so your skin will better absorb the nutrients in the mask. I like to sit in the steam as I wipe my face with a toner and then put on the sheet mask as [...]

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Ice Facials Can Give You Glowing Skin

If you are looking for a quick, effective, and affordable method to de-puff your face, shrink pores, and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and acne, try applying an ice cube to your skin. Many Koreans use this technique in the morning as an instant beauty trick to reduce puffiness, promote blood circulation, and create glowing [...]

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Fermented Foods Can Heal Your Skin

As the weekend approaches, most of us look forward to indulging in delicious foods and drinks with our friends and family but this might not always lead to good judgement when it comes to caring for our skin. Certain foods and drinks we consume might cause skin issues to develop in the form of acne [...]

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Propolis Is A Secret Beauty Ingredient Used By Cleopatra

Cleopatra's beauty regimen has been well documented throughout history. From milk baths, to body scrubs, and masks made of honey and clay, she was perceived to have maintained a youthfulness which was admired by many. It was also noted that she along with many other Egyptians, used propolis as a healing agent for both body [...]

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