Steam and Ice Can Provide Added Benefits to Sheet Masking

On Jan 2nd 2017

Try using a sheet mask at the end of a steamy shower as it will soften skin and loosen up pores so your skin will better absorb the nutrients in the mask. I like to sit in the steam as I wipe my face with a toner and then put on the sheet mask as you can see in this video. You can also do this at the sauna or even while taking a hot bath. You can also massage your face with a steam towel to loosen up pores and increase blood circulation. This will help you get glowing skin in the winter months!

Ice is also good at the end of a sheet mask sesh because it tightens up your pores and locks in all the nutrients in the mask. I do this when the sheet mask is starting to dry. This will help make pores look smaller and give your skin a healthy glow.