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AHC Ultimate Real Eye Cream For Face


AHC's Ultimate Real Eye Cream for Face is the latest version of AHC's revolutionary anti-aging treatment and is one of Korea's most widely sold anti-aging products. This product includes: 

  • A Microemulsion biosensor system that minimizes all its active ingredients to the size of a pore, allowing the thermosensitive polymers to gently melt into and be penetrated by skin. 
  • AHC’s exclusive award winning ingredient, Aquatide (heptasodium hexacarboxymethyldipeptide-12), a patented peptide which helps strengthen skins barrier and helps minimize the signs of aging caused by environmental toxins.

This product has been clinically tested and has been proven to reduce wrinkles, help skin maintain elasticity, minimize pores, and hydrate skin.

How to use:

Generously apply product underneath the eyes, on the eyelids, smile lines, and neck and smoothly massage onto skin.

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