Propolis Is A Secret Beauty Ingredient Used By Cleopatra

On Aug 2nd 2018

Cleopatra's beauty regimen has been well documented throughout history. From milk baths, to body scrubs, and masks made of honey and clay, she was perceived to have maintained a youthfulness which was admired by many. It was also noted that she along with many other Egyptians, used propolis as a healing agent for both body and skin ailments. Propolis is made by bees that collect resin from trees mixed with their own beeswax to seal and protect beehives. Propolis has many skin care benefits including anti-aging due to a concentrated amount of antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties which help heal damaged and acne-prone skin, and helps skin retain moisture due to its sealant properties. KBush has partnered with a Korean medical cosmetics company which developed a sheet mask made with high quality propolis extract!