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Forencos Song Joong Ki 7 Days Mask Bundle


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Are you having a hard time figuring out which masks to use on certain days of the week? Or are you looking for an effective mask set which can address all of your varying skin care concerns? Well look no further! Forencos Song Joong Ki 7 Days Mask set will take all the guessing work out of choosing the right mask to use. This mask set targets a different skin care concern every day of the week by using key ingredients which has been proven to be very effective in treating specific skin issues. And the cherry on top? Each mask features a picture of Korean heartthrob Song Joong Ki and as you can see his skin is flawless! This mask set includes: Black Pearl Brightening Silk Mask, Caviar Moisture Silk Mask, Gold Regenerating Silk Mask, Mayu Elastic Silk Mask, Swallows Nest Nutrition Silk Mask, Teatree Relax Silk Mask, and Volcanic Ash Detox Silk Mask.


Forencos Song Joong Ki 7 Days Mask Bundle Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

Pretty good!

Posted by Jason on Jun 8th 2017

Great effective mask set!

Affordable and effective

Posted by Sarah on Apr 26th 2017

This mask set really improved the condition of my skin and its super affordable. Love the cute Asian model on the package.

Smooth and clear

Posted by Cynthia on Apr 19th 2017

This 7 day mask bundle was great to have each night. I was able to see how smooth my face was after the first day. Each mask did something different to give my face moisture and brighten it. I also noticed a few acne scars slowly disappear with using the masks.