meet-the-team-photo-2.jpgThe passion behind the creation of KBlush all started from the childhood of a little girl.  Though of mixed descent with a Korean mother and a German/Irish father, Laura grew up with her big Korean family where her mother, grandmother, and 6 aunts influenced and educated her in the importance of skin care from when she was just a child.  This education ingrained into her at such a young age developed into a lifelong passion and, it was while attending college at UC Berkeley and interacting with her sorority sisters, that she first felt that spark of joy while sharing and learning beauty tips and secrets with others.  After a stint in marketing in the corporate world, Laura decided to pursue her true passion and started laying the grounds for what would eventually become KBlush.  Reading voraciously about anything and everything skincare, it was during her frequent trips to Korea with her husband, Andy, that she learned about the wealth of cutting edge trends and products that the Korean beauty industry had to offer.  This knowledge, combined with her passion of skincare and joy in sharing the message with others, prompted her to pursue her dream and start KBlush to bring the latest and best of Korean beauty to US consumers.